Dedicated Faculty Mentors

School of Behavioral Sciences Faculty

The faculty mentors in CalSouthern’s School of Behavioral Sciences are skilled and experienced clinicians as well as dedicated, responsive and highly credentialed educators.

They will be there for you—via phone, email or Skype—to answer any questions you may have and to help you master the course material. And, equally important, they will help you take the concepts you learn and apply them to resolve challenges commonly faced in clinical practice today.

CalSouthern’s faculty mentors are positive, encouraging and supportive—and entirely dedicated to your academic and professional success.

  • Leadership and counselor training, chronic illness, race and gender issues, family diversity

  • Alcohol and drug dependence, including screening assessment, diagnosis, special populations (particularly criminal offenders, pregnant women and families) and interventions
  • Cultural diversity, family therapy, intercultural relationships

  • Intergenerational influence on aging, successful aging, biology and psychology of aging, trauma and grief interventions, military mental health interventions, music and expressive art therapies
  • Attachment theory, schema theory, social psychology, parenting, childhood bipolar disorder, spirituality, Jungian theory

  • Dream content, significant life experiences of social activists, human/animal relationships, Buddhism, consciousness studies

  • Anxiety and panic disorder, performance enhancement, work-life balance
  • Individual and family issues, addictions, attachment theory, PTSD, workplace violence and harassment, phase-of-life issues, personality assessment, hypnotherapy, gender issues, cultural issues in therapy
  • School counseling, career-transition counseling
  • Emotionally focused therapy for couples, focusing, mindful awareness training, addiction and recovery

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