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The faculty mentors in CalSouthern’s School of Behavioral Sciences are skilled and experienced clinicians as well as dedicated, responsive and highly credentialed educators.

They will be there for you—via phone, email or Skype—to answer any questions you may have and to help you master the course material. And, equally important, they will help you take the concepts you learn and apply them to resolve challenges commonly faced in clinical practice today.

CalSouthern’s faculty mentors are positive, encouraging and supportive—and entirely dedicated to your academic and professional success.


Sherri Muchnick, PhD

Faculty Mentor, Behavioral Sciences

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Leadership and counselor training, chronic illness, race and gender issues, family diversity


As a dual-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Mental Health Counselor for more than 30 years, Dr. Muchnick has divided her time between therapy and education. She has extensive experience in teaching and training graduate mental health learners in both distance-education and traditional learning environments.

As the director of the Counseling Center for Contemporary Living, Dr. Muchnick has developed programs, supervised therapists, and provided therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Her wide range of expertise is reflected in the scope of workshops and seminars she has presented at state and national professional meetings, including: Adventures in Leadership Training; Training Primary Healthcare Counselors; Re-Storying Illness: Multiple Family Groups for Chronic Illness; Rewriting Stories: Narrative Therapy Approaches; Ethical Dilemmas: The Illusion of Black and White; Gender Talk: Changing Roles of Men and Women; Celebrating Our Past, Present, and Future: Family Diversity.

Dr. Muchnick is currently in private practice in Del Mar, CA, serves on the California State Board for Marriage and Family therapy, and is the Chairman of the San Diego AAMFT-CA Network District. She also is a founding member of the San Diego MFT Educational Consortium.

Educational Background

PhD Marriage and Family Counseling, St. Louis University, Missouri; MA Counseling and BA Psychology, University of Missouri

Courses Taught
  • PSY 2400 - Introduction to Social Psychology
  • PSY 2405 - Introduction to Behavior Modification
  • PSY 86509 - Psychology of Marriage and Family Systems
  • PSY 86517 - Psychology of Aging
  • PSY 86532 - Family Systems Theory
  • PSY 86801 - Therapeutic Boundaries
  • PSY 87529 - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • PSY 87547 - Career Counseling


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