Certificate in Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency

CPACD - Certificate in Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency

CalSouthern’s Certificate in Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency: a Unique and Innovative Graduate-Level Program

Whether you’re a mental health professional hoping to get ahead in your field, a student looking to explore graduate studies in psychology, or a person with a non-psychology-related bachelor’s degree who wants to gain a comprehensive, high-level knowledge of the topic, CalSouthern’s certificate in alcoholism and chemical dependency is an excellent educational option.

Addiction is a pervasive problem in our society and affects a growing number of individuals and their families. CalSouthern’s chemical dependency and compulsive disorders certificate program will give you a greater understanding of this complex and vitally important topic area, whether you have been personally touched by addiction or are looking to advance in this growing specialty in mental health care.

CalSouthern’s certificate programs are at the post-baccalaureate level; participants must have a bachelor’s degree. However, that degree doesn’t have to be in psychology to enroll in the program. Since your coursework is at a post-graduate level, it can be applied toward a master’s degree if you should decide to continue your studies at CalSouthern.

The alcoholism and chemical dependency program is comprised of six three-credit courses which will explore subjects such as detection and treatment, compulsive behavior, and family system, as well as eating disorders. You’ll be exposed to humanely delivered, solution-focused treatment strategies, all supported by cutting-edge research. It’s a unique and innovative program that you’ll want to consider if you have an interest in broadening your knowledge of addiction and chemical dependency.