Certificate in Sport Psychology

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Sports Psychology

CalSouthern’s Certificate in Sports Psychology is an 18-credit program, comprised of the following six required courses:

Sport Psychology Courses

PSY 87101 Applied Sport Psychology II

Credits : 3

This course is the second of a two-part course that provides an overview of the foundations and applications of sport psychology. The focus of study examines performance enhancement through psychological skills training, and imaging and goal setting. It also explores enhancing health and well-being by avoiding or responding effectively to athletic injuries, addictive behavior, and burnout. This course explores the basic concepts and principles of sport psychology and how they can be applied to counseling, teaching, coaching, and fitness instruction. It also investigates the latest research and practice in sport and exercise psychology.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Evaluate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor
  • Integrate course concepts through the use of the Taylor Study Method
  • Review somatic, cognitive and multimodal anxiety reduction techniques
  • Analyze coping strategies to deal with competitive stress
  • Assess how expectations affect performance and behavior
  • Evaluate the theory of self-efficacy and various aspects of coaching efficacy
  • Examine major types of goals and goal-setting systems
  • Research and evaluate football related head injuries and how to prevent them
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to emerging relevant technologies applicable to psychology

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