MA | Master of Arts in Psychology

Psychology master's courses in the Master of Arts in Psychology program

The following master's level courses comprise CalSouthern’s Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology degree program. In order to fulfill educational requirements for licensure at the master’s level in California – MFT and/or LPCC – all required courses must be completed. Elective options are not available for this program. For licensure requirements in other states, please contact your applicable state board.

Required Core Courses

MFT 86706A Practicum III

Credits : 3

This course provides the opportunity to gain clinical experience with individuals, couples, families and/or groups in a supervised clinical setting approved by California Southern University. Learners utilize therapy theories and techniques as well as practice interpersonal skills in working with diverse individuals, couples, families and/or groups. Learners are required to complete a minimum of 95 hours of direct counseling hours and 19 units of supervision (1 unit of supervision = 1 hour of individual supervision or 2 hours of group supervision). 

Prerequisite:  MFT 86705

Learning Outcomes:
  • Evaluate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor
  • Utilize appropriate assessment and intervention processes with clients
  • Create appropriate record keeping in therapy
  • Develop professional relationships with Director of Clinical Training, site supervisors and peers through case consultation
  • Analyze counseling experience through the use of self-evaluation
  • Discuss ethical and legal guidelines as related to client cases and professional development
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to emerging relevant technologies applicable to psychology
  • Integrate a theoretical orientation in assessing cases
  • Incorporate diversity issues in case conceptualization and treatment
  • Deliver an effective oral presentation through an informative and persuasive presentation

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