MA | Master of Arts in Psychology

Psychology master's courses in the Master of Arts in Psychology program

The following master's level courses comprise CalSouthern’s Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology degree program. In order to fulfill educational requirements for licensure at the master’s level in California – MFT and/or LPCC – all required courses must be completed. Elective options are not available for this program. For licensure requirements in other states, please contact your applicable state board.

Required Core Courses

PSY 86506A Psychopathology

Credits : 3
This course provides an integrated approach to the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of mental disorders. The emphasis is on building clinical skills in problem formulation and crisis intervention consistent with the DSM-5. This course also covers psychopathology from a neuroscientific, biological and sociocultural perspective. Evidence-based interventions will be explored from psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, humanistic and other current modalities.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Evaluate course concepts critically and competently through interaction with Learners and Faculty Mentor
  • Assess the major diagnostic categories of the DSM 5
  • Evaluate legal and ethical issues related to psychopathology
  • Consider the impact of culture and human diversity issues
  • Examine current research on the theory treatment and prevention of mental illness
  • Explore the existing etiologic theories of psychopathology and the supportive research when such exists
  • Evaluate and incorporate emerging relevant technologies applicable to the field of psychology
  • Analyze and evaluate information critically and effectively
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior in regard to emerging relevant technologies applicable to psychology
  • Deliver an effective oral presentation through an informative and persuasive presentation

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