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Introduction to the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA)

The knowledge and skills imparted by CalSouthern’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) degree program promote both personal and professional growth. You’ll develop the ability to survey and synthesize complex information, hone your critical reasoning abilities, and refine verbal and written communication skills as you study the humanities, mathematics and the natural sciences. Psychology course options include human development, cognition, abnormal psychology, human sexuality, behavior modification, and many others.

4 Years (full-time status)
With maximum transfer credits and by taking courses simultaneously, learners can complete the degree program in as few as 10 months. Or, learners can proceed at a more leisurely pace and complete the program in six years or more.

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Earning Your Bachelor’s in Psychology at CalSouthern

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in psychology has been one of the nation’s most popular undergraduate degrees for decades—and for good reason. It’s a wonderfully balanced degree that imparts knowledge and skills well-suited for a wide variety of careers and graduate-school options. It gives students a well-rounded grounding in science and human behavior. It requires higher-order reasoning, as well as an ability to read and synthesize complex information effectively, and hones students’ oral and written communication skills.

CalSouthern’s online bachelor’s degree in psychology combines general education courses with required psychology courses and psychology-related elective courses. Graduates will have a broad-based exposure to the humanities, mathematics, and the natural and social sciences, as well as an in-depth and multi-faceted exploration of psychology, from abnormal psychology, human development and cognition, to behavior modification, the psychology of human sexuality, and marriage and family issues.

Once enrolled in CalSouthern’s online bachelor’s in psychology degree program, Learners will benefit from all of the university’s educational resources, including an online library with access to many of the most popular and robust article databases, thousands of full-text e-books, more than 400 hours of video devoted to psychotherapy, and a wealth of research and writing tools. There’s even an American Library Association-accredited librarian on staff to help you find everything you need. And the faculty in CalSouthern’s School of Behavioral Sciences is comprised of dedicated educators who are skilled in online education and who are also practicing health care providers, eager to get to know you and make your education experience as relevant to your career goals as possible.

Online education is different at CalSouthern. You’ll develop relationships with your professors. You’ll have personal academic advisors—highly educated and experienced mental health professionals themselves—to guide you through your degree program. And the entire administration and staff—even the deans of the School of Behavioral Sciences—are accessible, responsible, and eager to provide any support you might need as you earn your BA in psychology.

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