BA | Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

BA in Psychology Outcomes

The program learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program are:


Demonstrate the ability to interact with others by utilizing both oral and written forms of communication to express one’s understanding of the foundations of psychology.

Critical Thinking

Examine evidence carefully from introductory psychological theory and research, and interpret this information while employing primary concepts of validity, reliability, and reason.

Cultural and Social Understanding

Identify and explain the impact that cultural and social beliefs have on personal ethics, values, and worldviews.

Information Literacy

Understand technical information, differentiate between its various sources, and demonstrate the ability to both locate and summarize it effectively.

Personal Development

Select key principles and findings from formal academic sources and integrate them with personal experiences in a meaningful way that relates to individual life goals.

Quantitative Reasoning

Apply basic logic, mathematical reasoning, and statistical analysis to problem solving, drawing logical conclusions and decision making.

Scientific Reasoning

Differentiate between scientific and non-scientific observations and conclusions to generate empirically based arguments and predictions.

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

Recognize key ethical, legal, and professional issues, identifying and distinguishing between basic moral developmental perspectives

Additional Content Specific Competencies

Individual Differences

Identify fundamental theories of individual assessment from multiple perspectives.

Biological Basis of Behavior

Demonstrate how brain structure and function influence human behavior, cognition, emotion, and actions

Learning/Cognitive Principles

Summarize the fundamental theories of learning, cognition, memory, and motivation, and how they explain human behavior.

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