PsyD Doctoral Project

PsyD | Doctor of Psychology

The PsyD Doctoral Project

The capstone of the Doctor of Psychology program is the most challenging, intellectually rewarding and personally enriching academic endeavor you will ever undertake: the doctoral project.

To help make the doctoral project as meaningful and professionally relevant as possible for each student, there is a great deal of flexibility built into the framework. With guidance from your doctoral project committee and chairman, you will choose the topic of your project, a topic of particular interest or one which is of special relevance to your practice. And not only will you select your topic, you can also pick from a variety of methodologies. You can choose to undertake a critical analysis of the literature, a community-based action research project or to conduct an analysis of a clinical application. The final written work, however, will conform to an internationally accepted, five-chapter model that will allow you to best present your unique topic, research and findings.

Students receive ample support and guidance throughout this rigorous process. Your doctoral project chair will be there for you every step of the way, and CalSouthern’s innovative Doctoral Project Boot Camp provides an intensive four-day workshop where you can interact with peers and receive personalized feedback from CalSouthern faculty mentors and scholarly writing experts.

Upon completion of the project and oral defense of your work, you will be poised to present your work to colleagues at conferences and workshops, and prepared to explore complex issues and challenges in your chosen field of practice. Moreover, you will be a legitimate, bona fide expert in the subject area about which you are most passionate.

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