Online Psychology Certificate in Industrial and Organizational

Certificate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

CPIOP - Certificate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Earn a Certificate in the Diverse and Growing Field of Organizational Psychology

CalSouthern’s online organization psychology certificate program is comprised of six graduate-level courses designed to give you a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of this diverse psychology discipline. Organizational psychology program is an extremely interesting and compelling field that meshes concepts from the fields of business and psychology. Organizational psychologists perform a variety of important roles within a business structure, from offering expertise relating to personnel decisions, to enhancing interpersonal dynamics within an organization to improve productivity, and recommending physical and environmental changes to the workplace to increasing personal and company-wide performance.

The organizational psychology online certificate program requires that you have a bachelor’s degree, but it doesn’t need to be in psychology—any graduate student with an interest in the topic area can enroll in the program. And upon completing it, you may be halfway or more toward your master’s degree, should you decide to continue coursework at CalSouthern.

Learners in this online certificate program will study topics ranging from mental health consulting and cultural diversity to interpersonal conflict in the workplace. All courses are taught by members of the CalSouthern School of Behavioral Sciences faculty who are dedicated online professors and talented experienced mental health care providers who have experience in the field.

Whether you’re a business professional looking to expand your understanding of organizational psychology, a mental health practitioner who wants to advance in his/her career, or a student interested in exploring graduate school but not quite ready to commit to a master’s program, CalSouthern’s certificate in industrial and organizational psychology is well worth a closer look.

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