The Master in Education (M.Ed) online program is a practice-oriented degree that will prepare the next generation of visionary scholar-practitioners to tackle the problems that face educators and their communities. It is our intention to assist M.Ed graduates to become skilled, knowledgeable, and ethical thought leaders. In this program, there will be multiple personal and professional development opportunities for learners.

The program integrates four main themes throughout all the coursework: educational theory, current research, educational practice, and service toward the public good. Learners will become leaders in their field as they interpret educational theories, apply their understanding of current research, and utilize their skills to make informed decisions in complex and dynamic settings. Three M.Ed concentrations are available: Counseling in Education, Curriculum and Instructional Design, and Organizational Leadership and Management.

This M.Ed is not intended to prepare or qualify individuals to become licensed teachers or to meet the licensing requirements of any school board or district. This M.Ed is intended for educators who have earned their teaching credential and are practicing teachers who desire to enhance their instructional effectiveness and advance their career with a master’s degree.

Quick Facts:

  • Credits required: 36
  • Cost per credit: $545
  • Program length: 2 years (full-time status)
  • Max transfer credits: 6 credits

Time to degree completion can be accelerated by taking multiple courses in a term and through credits accepted in transfer.

What you’ll learn

Interpret educational theories and scholarship to inform best practices in education.

Employ appropriate oral and written communication skills in multiple educational settings in a concise manner.

Utilize quantitative reasoning skills and analyze data and identify intelligent conclusions that support evidence-based decisions in diverse settings.

Apply educational theory-to-practice strategies to investigate and resolve critical problems from diverse perspectives.

Serve as thought leaders who support sustainable, ethical, and legal practices that adhere to professional standards.

Apply understanding of theories in education, educational research, and ethical reasoning to tasks that demonstrate the capacity to serve as a visionary scholar-practitioner.

Career Outcomes

Corporate Training

Curriculum Development

Education Administration or Leadership

Learning Director

Non-Profit Agencies

Policy Analyst


School Counselor

Master in Education Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements Credits
Required Core Courses 21
Elective/Concentration Courses 15

Courses + Credits

Below, you’ll find the required courses for the CalSouthern Master in Education (M.Ed) degree program. Tailor your degree by focusing on one of three areas of concentration: Counseling in Education, Curriculum and Instruction Design, or Organizational Leadership and Management. Specialization in a specific concentration requires 15-credits of elective courses in the desired concentration.

Required Core Courses

  • EDU 86500 Foundations in Education — 3-credits
  • EDU 86505 Curriculum and Instruction — 3-credits
  • EDU 86510 Assessment and Evaluation — 3-credits
  • EDU 86515 Research in Education — 3-credits
  • EDU 86520 Education, Culture, and Society — 3-credits
  • EDU 86525 Legal and Ethical Considerations in Education — 3-credits
  • CAP 89500 Capstone Project in Education — 3-credits

M.Ed Concentration Courses

Counseling in Education Concentration

  • COU 86502 Counseling Theories and Strategies — 3-credits
  • COU 86505 Theories of Human Development for the Counseling Profession — 3-credits
  • COU 86513 Data-Informed Decision Making for School Counselors — 3-credits
  • EDU 86507 Academic and Career Advisement for Counselors — 3-credits
  • EDU 86517 Ethical and Legal Considerations in Counseling — 3-credits
  • PSY 86508A Culture and Diversity in Counseling — 3-credits

Curriculum and Instructional Design Concentration

  • EDU 86503 Curriculum and Course Design — 3-credits
  • EDU 86508 Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning — 3-credits
  • EDU 86514 Developing Quality Instructional Programs — 3-credits
  • EDU 86518 Design of Digital Assets for the Classroom — 3-credits
  • EDU 86523 Meeting the Diverse Needs of Learners — 3-credits
  • HRM 87505 Effective Training on E-Learning — 3-credits

Organizational Leadership and Management Concentration

  • EDU 86513 Contemporary Issues in Educational Leadership — 3-credits
  • EDU 86516 Information Systems for Education — 3-credits
  • HRM 87503 Labor Relations — 3-credits
  • MGT 86500 Business Organization and Management — 3-credits
  • MGT 86512 Managerial Accounting for Decision Making — 3-credits
  • PM 86900 Project Management Concepts and Essentials — 3-credits

Download the University Catalog for full course descriptions, prerequisite information, and program details.

Note: The Master in Education (M.Ed) program at California Southern University is not a teacher certification program and does not ensure initial teaching/administrative licenses.

The program layout and structure allows full-time employees the flexibility needed to obtain a higher degree. The University is also the most competitive in terms of cost/value.

– Taylor Hoffer

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California Southern University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), which is one of six regional accrediting bodies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Regional accreditation is the most highly respected and recognized form of accreditation in the United States, and it provides students with a number of important benefits and opportunities.

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