I had a wonderful experience and loved the flexibility of the program. I could go at my own pace, was able to work ahead when I needed to, and to take extra time when I needed to. The faculty mentors were fantastic and very helpful and inspiring. I feel like I got an excellent education for an affordable price and I appreciate everything that it brought to my life.

Marlo (Jinxi) Caddel, PsyD Learner


The faculty mentors are very knowledgeable and available when you needed assistance. My learner support specialist was also very helpful and ensured that I stayed on track throughout the entire process.

Geneva Nathani, DBA Learner


The program provided flexibility if needed, support from knowledgeable faculty mentors, an easy-to-use online format, and access to diverse learning experiences.

Leslie Anway, PsyD Learner


I have recommended CalSouthern to many people I know that were searching for the best educational online experience. CalSouthern provides the opportunity for an advanced degree that one can obtain while simultaneously working a full-time job. It was a godsend for me, and I’m proud to be an alum.

Cynthia Degryse, MA in Psychology Learner


The program layout and structure allows full-time employees the flexibility needed to obtain a higher degree. The University is also the most competitive in terms of cost/value.

Taylor Hoffer, DBA Learner

Michelle Gee

CalSouthern is helping me achieve my professional/career goals while accommodating my work/family commitments. I am very happy with my studies and grateful for this program’s flexibility!

Michelle Gee, MA in Psychology Learner


CalSouthern has exceptional faculty mentors and rigorous courses that support personal and professional growth. The 100% asynchronous online option allows for working individuals to pursue their goals without sacrificing their existing career.

Zachary Ginder, PsyD Learner

kristin fierman

CalSouthern is filled with knowledgeable staff, mentors and information. It’s a place where you know from the onset that you’re getting every assistance that you need throughout your program.

Kristin Fierman, PsyD Learner


CalSouthern provides instruction that enables dedicated, independent learners to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their career. The low tuition/payment structure ensures that learners graduate debt-free which is a HUGE deal in today’s world of unreasonable tuition rates and financial aid debt. I especially appreciate how CalSouthern understands that students like me, a single parent with a full-time, demanding career, may have difficulty keeping up with assignment deadlines. They are understanding and supportive and allow course extensions. I truly would not want to complete my PsyD degree anywhere else.

Lori VanValkenburg, School of Behavioral Sciences

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