Master of Science in Dispute Resolution

MSDR | Master of Science in Dispute Resolution

Master of Science in Dispute Resolution Outcomes

The CalSouthern School of Law has designed the Master of Science in Dispute Resolution program to produce the following outcomes:

Demonstrate proficiency in communication in dispute resolution with a respectful exchange of ideas that demonstrate the ability to analyze and solve problems resulting in improved capability to manage and resolve conflicts.

Recognize the importance of social, environmental and cultural diversity within the contexts of globalization, regionalism, and security and their implication(s) in the resolution of conflicts based on the advanced analysis of diverse factors.

Demonstrate a system of inquiry in acquiring information and utilize evidence-based tools to support qualitative and/or quantitative research methods for managing conflicts such as negotiation, mediation, crisis management, and coercive diplomacy. Evaluate a broad range of theoretical and practical principles in the field of conflict and dispute resolution to gain an integrated understanding of the field and of various techniques that promote resolution and mitigation of disputes across a broad spectrum of situations.

Apply ethical, legal, and professional principles and accountability for actions that promote advocacy, collaboration, and leadership as mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators. Integrate formal academic learning with personal experiences so that learning is meaningful, personalized, and relates to personal or professional goals.

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