MS | Master of Science in Psychology

MS Outcomes

The program learning outcomes of the Master of Science in Psychology degree program are:


Articulate increasingly complex psychological ideas through interaction with others, with the capacity to organize and develop concepts with professional-level scientific support.

Critical Thinking

Analyze evidence from the science of psychological theory and research, and interpret this information employing graduate-level applications of validity, reliability, and logical argumentation.

Cultural and Social Understanding

Apply and differentiate the critical impact that cultural and social institutions have on personal ethical systems, values, and worldview assumptions, including proficiencies in theories and issues in diversity: multiethnic, multicultural, gender, ageism, sexual orientation, and disability.

Information Literacy

Appraise and integrate information from the science of psychology, along with its sources, critically and in professional form.

Personal Development

Synthesize increasingly complex principles and scientific findings from within psychology, and apply them to personal experiences so that the information is meaningful and organically applied to humanistic scientific endeavors.

Quantitative Reasoning

Evaluate statistically based reasoning processes and apply to increasingly complex psychological research findings and emergent questions.

Scientific Reasoning

Formulate a system of inquiry that is dependent on empirical evidence, as well as demonstrate the ability to reason by advanced principles of deduction, induction, and analogy in psychology.

Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues

Analyze and apply ethical behavior as it relates to professional standards of practice in psychological research.

Additional Content Specific Competencies

Individual Differences

Compare theories in assessing individual from multiple perspectives and discriminate between psychological issues that may arise within various non-clinical settings.

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