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The Doctor of Psychology Practicum Courses

The PsyD’s optional practicum program gives CalSouthern students the opportunity to gain face-to-face clinical experience in a setting of the student’s choice, whether it be a hospital, community mental health center, a private practice, a substance abuse treatment center, a domestic violence shelter or any one of a number of other clinical settings. If students are currently practicing in the field, they are often able to apply this work to meet the practicum requirements. If students are not in practice, the experience gained through the practicum may prove invaluable when the time comes to secure a supervised internship. Students will perform face-to-face clinical work and receive personal supervision from a licensed clinical psychologist.

The optional practicum program spans two courses, allowing the student to accumulate more than 175 hours of clinical experience. Students will receive feedback on their performance from their practicum supervisors, allowing them to refine and hone their clinical skills. To further enhance the experience, practicum students will participate in CalSouthern’s clinical case conferences moderated by the university’s director of clinical training. The conferences give students the opportunity to share—in a safe, welcoming environment—their clinical experiences and to exchange ideas with other students in the practicum program, many of whom are skilled and experienced practitioners.

Although students are responsible for securing their own site placement, the School of Behavioral Sciences’ academic staff has a bank of practicum sites and a broad network of professional contacts in the field; they will guide and assist students in locating a placement that interests them.

PsyD Practicum Highlights:

  • Gain face-to-face clinical experience in a mental health setting of your choice
  • Receive personal supervision and feedback from a licensed clinical psychologist
  • The program is flexible, allowing you to accumulate hours at the pace that works for you
  • In CalSouthern’s clinical case conferences, you will share your clinical experiences and exchange ideas with other students in the practicum program—many of whom are skilled and experienced clinicians

An Introduction to the Optional Practicum Courses

A CalSouthern Doctoral Learner Profile

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