Certificate in Sport Psychology

Certificate in Sport Psychology

CPSP - Certificate in Sport Psychology

Explore a Fast-Evolving Field With a Certificate in Sport Psychology

Increasingly, mental health professionals are uncovering ways to enhance athletic performance via advanced visualization cues, process-based focusing drills, motivational strategies, and myriad other sports psychology techniques. It’s a new, but quickly evolving discipline that’s been shown to yield impressive results, with youth, amateur, and professional athletes alike. In addition to working with athletes to improve performance, sport psychologists also study the application of exercise, athletic activity, and sports-performance strategies to treat a wide variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and compulsive disorders.

CalSouthern’s online sport psychology certificate program is a great educational option regardless of whether or not you have a background in psychology. Mental health care providers can utilize the program for continuing professional education or to position themselves for career advancement. Athletes and sports enthusiasts can also participate in the program to learn more about innovative ways to enhance their and others’ athletic performance. All that’s needed to enroll in this post-graduate-level program is a bachelor’s degree—the degree doesn’t have to be in psychology. If you find the program rewarding, you can continue in your studies. In fact, the credits you earn in the sport psychology certificate online program can be applied toward a master’s degree.

Regardless of your experience level in psychology and mental health care, CalSouthern’s faculty, administration, and staff will be accessible and responsive, eager to give you all the tools and support you need to complete the program. You’ll learn from online professors who combine advance degrees with years of experience as mental health providers. An academic advisor—also with an advanced degree and experience in the field—will consult with you and guide you through your academic program, whether you stop with the sport psychology certificate or transition into CalSouthern’s master’s program.

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